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Although reverse auctions are touted as buyer-driven venues, the benefits they offer to Auction Sellers are impressive. Quick turnaround, unbeatable customers, and free access to a global market make reverse auctions a smart seller's hotspot with considerable advantages. Where else can you enjoy unlimited access to the international market with zero advertising costs, marketing fees, or out-of-pocket expenses?

Regardless of geographic location, you can do business world wide, competing on an equal level for buyers in your back yard and across the globe. From large corporations with big budgets to individuals who simply know what they want and what they will pay, Auction Sellers save time and money serving only the best customers. Time spent helping buyers decide what they want, or guessing at how much they will spend can be used to pack and ship orders instead!

Oltiby gives Auction Sellers the opportunity to participate in setting price points based on up-to-the minute demand and supply, without guessing what the customer will pay or the competition will offer. Even if you don't close the sale, throughout the auction you can take advantage of unbeatable market information, as competitors' offers are there for your review instantly. Plus, the hallmarks of good business - top quality service, the best products, experience and reliability - are rewarded to further drive your sales.

A feedback system lets your customers reward you with reviews that build your reputation and attract more buyers. A venue for providing buyers with great value has amazing inventory control advantages, as well. Listing "For Sale" items costs nothing, so Auction Sellers have the opportunity to easily reduce overstock, freeing up valuable space better used for new or seasonable items. More efficient management of stock levels saves money, while competitive bidding lets you generate sales fast.


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