How To Avoid Complications In an Online Auction first

With the rise of the Internet auction there has been a concurrent rise in complaints of auction related fraud. Much of this fraud could be avoided if online auction users were better educated on the workings of online auctions, their rights and duties as auction participators, and the precautions necessary to avoid fraud.

The following commentary will explore these issues in more depth to help you feel more comfortable in the wonderful realm of online reverse auctions. In addition, if you are a first time reverse auction user, this information will give you the wealth of knowledge needed to predetermine and eliminate any possible conflict or issues.


Learn as much as you can about the seller first

Even though the sellers that you might be dealing with can come from different parts of the world, it is still possible to learn and get more information about them.

Foremost, before bidding on the online reverse auction site find out if the site offers feedback information about its members. At feedback section, you will see all positive and negative comments from the previous buyers about the bidders and sellers. If there is positive feedback described - great. This will encourage you to look forward in making a deal with that particular seller. If there is, on the other hand, a negative feedback look for the reason why someone expressed such opinion. Read all the comments and evaluate the seller.

Once you receive the information from Oltiby about the seller, verify that the phone number is correct and that the name matches the number. If you were only given the PO Box address, try to get the persons street address by contacting the seller (by email or by phone). This will allow you to easier get in contact with the seller if there is a problem in the future. If the seller provides you with the street address, this could be an indication that the seller is not trying to hide or conceal his/her identity for fraudulent purposes.


Learn about the product you are purchasing first

Purchasing products online is different then purchasing it in your local store. It gives you the convenience of having products delivered to your door without spending time to drive to and from shopping malls, trying them on (clothes, shoes etc.), waiting in cashiers lines and more. On the other hand, you will need to make sure that you carefully read through the information provided by the seller and examine the photos of the product. Assess whether the photograph is the picture of the actual item that you are buying and does the picture match with picture published by the original manufacturer. If necessary, request from the seller more pictures with different angles of the item so that you can determine the condition of the item and evaluate it better. Write or email seller if you have additional questions. Save all the correspondence with the seller, since illegal misrepresentation of the product is against the law and could help you if an issue arises.


As a seller learn the bid-out terms first

As a bidder, you are legally obligated to comply and follow the rules of the bid-out auction. Since the buyers are determining the terms and conditions of the process, it is very essential that you, as a seller, understand those rules before you decide to go out and bid.

First of all, as a seller, you need to determine whether you will accept the form of payment demanded by the buyer, whether you can warranty the product, and make sure you understand the terms regarding the shipping. In same cases, the buyer will let you choose the type of shipment, in others they will require you to ship them for as an express delivery such as overnight or second air day delivery. Make sure you take extra steps in packaging the product and insuring it. Some companies (such as UPS) will automatically insure the product for up to $100.00 value. If the value of the item is greater then that amount consider getting an additional insurance just to be safe in case the product gets damaged during transportation. Majority of the shipping companies (including United States Postal Service) sell additional insurance for both domestic and international deliveries.


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