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Vibrating Frog Massager

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Title: Vibrating Frog Massager

* I am not a toy, I don't like playing with children!
* I am a massager that work wonders on your sore muscles
* My four special designed massaging feet massage the sore muscles and relax you
* Great for your back, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs
* Simply push my eyes to turn me on and go to work to relieve your stress
* Trust my sophisticated massaging technique and you will love me
* I run with two AA batteries (not included), also run with DC socket if necessary(also not included)
* My weight is 164g
* My size is 100L*60W*80T mm, I could not take more space, you can take me everywhere

Quantity Available: 1000

The recommended auction price is $6.99


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