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Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio High-Definition Headphones - Red

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Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio High-Definition Headphones - Red

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Title: Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio High-Definition Headphones - Red

Beats By Dr. Dre Studio is becoming more and more loved by everyone.You can use a Monster Beats to reveal the full sound of today's digital music including the most sonically demanding Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and R&B. Experience the music exactly the way the artist wants you to.

Developed in collaboration between legendary music producer and artist Dr. Dre, engineers from Monster Cable, and renowned industrial designer Robert Brunner, the Beats by Dre bring a professional producer's experience to music fans everywhere.


Advanced driver design for precise audio clarity
Extra large speaker drivers for super deep bass
High powered digital amplifier plays hip hop, rock, R+B and more loud, without distortion
DMonster headphone cable with Quadripole twisted pair construction for balanced sound and clarity
Powered Isolation technology actively cuts external noise

What's in the box?

Beats Studio headphones
Monster Cable headphone cable (1.3 meters)
18 to 14 adapter
Monster iSoniTalk cable for iPhone, Blackberry
Touring case
Monster Clean Cloth with advanced Aegis Microbe Shield technology
Anti-microbial cleaning cloth

Note: Pls kindly note that this Monster Beats Earphones are not original, they are from our Factory (with Dr.Dre Logo), So we can supply them at low price with high quality!

we offer Worldwide shipping!

When the order has done, we will choose the best way to ship your Beats Studio headphones according to the shipping address youíve given

Quantity Available: 10

The recommended auction price is $68.5


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