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Canon 1d Mark III

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Canon 1d Mark III

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Canon 1d Mark III, New, Used or Refurbished


Camera must be in good working order. Some minor astetical issues OK. No major scratchs on any LCD or other display screens. I would like the battery and charger to be included. Low actuations would be great. If I buy the camera from you I will be willing to purchase future lens as well as other accesories.

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Bidding Instructions

The auction ends at the end of the countdown or if a bid reaches US $500.00  (reserved value).


Forms of Payment

The buyer agrees to make the purchase with:

  • Paypal

Shipping Instructions

The item(s) has to be delivered to ZipCode: 34972.
In your bid, please include the cost of the shipping to this location.

Shipping Method: Best Way - Most Economical.

Additional Information

This auction is open. Any Oltiby member/seller can bid while the action is running. All bids are displayed to give the opportunity to new sellers to provide their best selling price.

If any of the sellers meet the reserved price, they will automatically win the auction and the auction will be closed.

If the reserved price is not met by the end of the Reverse Auction, the lowest bidder wins unless the buyer chooses differently. The winner-seller will be contacted by the buyer to arrange the trade agreement.


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This auction has ended. The lowest bid is $3,249.00. The item has been purchased for this amount.

Closing Date

   Aug 5th, 2014
   at 1:23am


This auction is closed

   Winning bid: US $3,249.00



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